lavender French soap made in France La Savonnerie French Soaps Sold in the US and Canada

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French Soap Gift Set
Lavender Exfoliating Soap
Jasmin French Soap
Cherry Blossom French Soap
Lilac Moisturizing


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A perfect combination of moisturizer soaps to hydrate your skin and bring fresh aroma of delicate flowers.

Lavender Exfoliating, Jasmin French Soap, LiLac Soap and Cherry Blossom all made with 75% Olive Oil and 25% Shea Butter

By definition, a Triple-Milled soap is a top quality soap and here are the main benefits from this special process:

- The soap will have no impurities

- It is smoother than normal soap

- It is more creamy and luxurious than other soap.

- The soap is more dense and will last many times longer than regular soaps.

- Each bar will be consistent in colour, fragrance and texture

Made in France



Size: 125gr