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Organic Argan French Liquid Soap made In France


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Our liquid Marseille soaps are manufactured in the heart of Provence in the traditional way of Marseille. They are environmentally friendly because biodegradable over 98%, our formulas contain less than 10 ingredients such as coconut oil also called coconut oil used for skin care and hair, the oil virgin organic olive rich in omega 9, which stimulates cell activity and prevents aging. They are paraben-free and surfactant synthesis. Liquid soap with lavender is obtained by hot saponification reaction 12 hours in a pot of vegetable oils (Coconut, Olive, Argan ..) mixed with potash. Our manufacturing technology is part of a sustainable development approach.

Liquid soap with essential oils of lavender and washing nourishes your skin without irritating or drying it out. This liquid soap with lavender is very respectful for sensitive skin.

Contrary to popular belief the liquid soap is much less aggressive and a conventional shower gel desiccant. It is suitable for all skin types.