lavender French soap made in France La Savonnerie French Soaps Sold in the US and Canada

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Gift Set of Triple Milled Organic French Soap
Basil French Soap made with olive oil
Herbs de Provence French Soap sold in the US
Rosemary French Soap made in Marseille
Eucalyptus French Exfoliating Soaps made in Marseille


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A perfect combination of moisturizer soaps with a soft exfoliating effect. Helps hydrate your skin ahead of the cold days.
Eucalyptus Soap, Herbs de ProvenceFrench Soap, Basil Soap and Rosemary Soap all made with 75% Olive Oil and 25% Shea Butter
By definition, a Triple-Milled soap is a top quality soap and here are the main benefits from this special process:

-The soap will have no impurities
-It is smoother than normal soap.
-It is more creamy and luxurious than other soap.
-The soap is more dense and will last many times longer than regular soaps.
-Each bar will be consistent in colour, fragrance and textureThis product is handmade in south of france, Savon de marseille is known for making the best quality soaps in the world keeping the same receipt for centuries, and for this reason is recomeneded for dermatologist all over the world.

4 - Size: 125gr Tot: 500gr