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Grape Fruit Triple Milled French Soap made with Olive Oil


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Enriched with shea butter, 100% vegetable base that can nourish, moisturize, soften and protecting the child's skin with its exceptionally rich composition of vitamins A, D, E, F. Shea butter has regenerative and restorative properties and helps fight against skin dryness. It cleans, soothes, nourishes, moisturizes and rafffermit. This fragrant soap is suitable for all skin types. The perfume used is of high quality, it comes from the city of Grasse. This soap Shea Organic Grapefruit boasts a natural scent of grapefruit with citrus notes. A fresh and sparkling fragrance.

75% Olive Oil 25% Shea Butter

Made In France




Size: 125gr