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Orange Blossom moisturizing French Soap for dry skin made with Olive Oil


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Olive oil Soap enriched with shea butter, 100% vegetable base that helps nourish , moisturize , soften and protect the skin thanks to its exceptionally rich composition of vitamins A, D, E , F .

Shea butter has regenerative and restorative properties and helps fight against skin dryness . It cleans , softens , nourishes and hydrates the skin rafffermit .

This scented soap suitable for all skin types. A southern mediterranean flower typically the floral scent , green , powdery and sweet. Its scent is known for its soothing properties . Orange blossom guide us on flowery head notes of citrus heart to unveil the pure and fresh fragrance of the flower.

Made in France

Vegan 125 gr.

Moisturizer soap made with 75% Olive Oil and 25% Shea Butter.



Size: 125gr