Salon de Marseille | Organic French Moisturizing Soaps made 100% olive oil


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We are a US base, family business for three generations proud to introduce to you the best quality soaps from Provence France ; as well as huge variety of bath salts and skin care products.

All our products are made with natural ingredients, no animal fat is use on any of our products, 100% eco friendly.


“La Savonnerie” brings the best skin care products from Marseille, France to the US market.

We have a wide selection of French Soaps, all of our soaps are made in Marseille located in south of France.


Savon de Marseille has been known for centuries to be the best soaps for all types of skin.The purity and gentle moisturizing properties make them ideal for sensitive skin and for this reason, they are recommended by dermatologists all over the world.